Skill Training / Certifications

Skill Training / Certifications


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation and the ever changing guidance and restrictions concerning working under this situation, we have had to cancel “Live Instructor Led Classroom” Training for the near future.  

We are moving to ONE-ON-ONE Training with these skill training & certifications.

Dan Dudley and Associates offer Skill Training and Certifications in the following areas:

  • Power Line Equipment Operation
    • Bucket Truck
    • Digger Derrick
    • Pressure Digger
  • Power Line Live Line Tools
    • Hot Stick care and use
    • Shotgun Stick Care and use
  • Bucket Truck Rescue
    • Direct Rescue from Bucket with tilt function
    • Rescue from bucket using rescue blocks
  • Pole Top Rescue
Electrical (Non Powerline):
  • Low Voltage (up to 1,000 volts)
    • Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Oilfield Equipment
  • Medium Voltage (up to 5,000 volts)
    • Motor Control Center equipment
    • Industrial pumps and associated equipment
    • Substation Branch Circuit Equipment
  • High Voltage Equipment
    • Powerline transformers 12,470 up to 138,000 volts
    • Powerline reclosers 12,470 up to 69,000 volts
    • Powerline capacitor banks 12,470 up to 69,000 volts
    • Powerline voltage regulators 12,470 up to 69,000 volts
    • Substation primary power equipment
      • Station Transformers
      • Station switching equipment
      • Station Isolation Equipment
      • Station metering and monitoring equipment

How Skill training works

All skill training and certifications are performed using a combination of formal classroom training, scenarios and actual live hands on training and verification of skill.

Any issues that arise during the hands on training and performance verification is addressed one on one with the student and the student is then allowed to perform the task(s) again.

Passing scores are obtained by safely and correctly performing the tasks assigned by the instructor(s).

Due to the many variables and wide range of factors encountered in the real world our scenarios mimic actual conditions as closely as possible while at the same time providing a safe real world evaluation of skills.

Some of the items verified include, but are not limited to:

  • Proper completion of JSA/JHA
  • Proper wearing of required PPE for task
  • Knowledge of task and requirements
  • Knowledge of mobile equipment setup
  • Correct Setup of equipment for task
  • Correct/safe operation of equipment
  • Correct/safe use of tools
  • Correct/safe movement of equipment
  • Correct/safe reig down of equipment
  • Energy isolation where required
  • Creation of Equipotential Work Zone
  • Bracketing Work Zone when needed
  • Correct use of live line tools
  • Observation of powerline hardware
  • Checking poles before hanging equipment
  • and much more

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