Craft Instructor Training

Craft Instructor Training & Certification


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation and the ever changing guidance and restrictions concerning working under this situation, we have had to cancel “Live Instructor Led Classroom” Training for the near future.  

We will offer the "classroom" portion of the training as a "Live Online Instructor Led Class" as detailed below.

Course Overview

Classroom training on how to be a craft instructor.

Certificates of completion shall be provided for each person successfully completing training.

This training is designed to take a craftsman at their trade and help them to become a better instructor. We utilize the NCCER (ICTP) Instructor Certification and Training Program curriculum to teach technical professionals how to be instructors within their areas of expertise.

Many people are very good at their trade / job, but that alone does not make them a good instructor. True instructors of technical trades are MADE through this training.

Description of Service

This training course teaches good craftsmen how to teach to adult learners and how to conduct the class and manage the students. The course gets into the "nuts and bolts of exactly how to TEACH to adults.

This INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION COURSE is based upon the NCCER Instructor Certification and Training Program. It uses the NCCER Contren learning series materials and model to teach a journeyman level craftsman how to be a craft instructor.

Many very good tradesmen/craftsmen have the technical skills to perform their jobs however "teaching" these acquired skills to others often requires formal training in the role and actual skills required to be a good instructor.

This course will help great craftsmen become great instructors, by teaching the skills, techniques and attitudes necessary to fill the instructor’s role in the classroom.

Skill Training & Evaluation Topics

  1. Introduction to Craft Training using the NCCER Training model
  2. How Learning Occurs
  3. Communication for Learning
  4. Leadership and Group Dynamics
  5. Administration and Classroom Management
  6. Using Materials and texts such as the NCCER Contren Learning series
  7. Teaching Strategies
  8. Instructional Aids
  9. Evaluation Techniques
  10. Giving a short presentation

Price Information

Classroom Craft Instructor Training:
16 Hours  -  2 FUll Days

Rates apply per student

$450.00 Per Instructor Trainee

*Minimum class size 6 students

Training provided AFTER 5PM or on Weekends (SAT - SUN)

Rates apply per student

$600.00 Per Instructor Trainee

*Multi day training based upon above fees when performed after 5 PM or on weekends

**Minimum class size 6 students

Travel & Mileage

Rate Per Hour

$95.00 per hour plus $1.75 per mile round trip

*Applies to training and performance evaluations conducted outside 30 mile radius of Odessa, Texas


Rate Per Hour

$95.00 per hour

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