Tabbed & Highlighted NEC’s

Tabbed & Highlighted NEC's

Tabbed and Highlighted NEC's are a "CUSTOM" item.

Each NEC is hand tabbed and highlighted. You cannot go to a store and purchase one of these.

Our Tabbed and Highlighted NEC is specifically designed for taking the electrical exam.  Choose from Softbound or Spiral Bound.
  • Find what you are looking for faster and easier. Our tabs are large and easy to read making it much easier to locate the exact section and article in the NEC you are looking for.  
  • Locate the actual answer to exam questions quickly. Only the actual answer you need to find is hightlighted.  We keep our highlighting limited to just the answer so that it is easy to scan the article or section and easily see just the answer.  No need to completely read the full section.  
  • Save time during the Exam. Electrical Exams are timed exams and you you need all the help to save time that you can legally get.  One of the best ways to save time and find the correct answer is using our Tabbed and highlighted NEC.
  • Increase you score on the Exam 15 to 20 points! It is a simple fact that a tabbed and highlighted  NEC will save you time and get you to the correct answer faster and more reliably.  This translates into a  major increase in the final score you can expect to receive on the exam.  Most people realize from 15 to 20 points above what they would have scored without the tabbed and highlighted NEC.
  • Locate answers to everyday questions faster and easier! Just as our tabbed and highlighted code book helps those taking exams, the same tabbing and highlighting also helps with locating questions to the work we do everyday in the field.  Whether you are an apprentice, journeyman, master, engineer, inspector, you will be able to quickly and easily locate the information you are searching for. 
  • Increase your score on the Exam. The simple process of studying smart and studying targeted areas using repetition and selection filters will result in an increased score on the actual exam.  The majority of those who follow the Study Smart plan are able to pass the exam. 

NOTICE: These books are sold all over the USA, we sell on other sites as well, which means order volume can vary from a couple per day to 10-15 per day at times.

Please place your order at least 3 weeks prior to the date you need the NEC !
This process takes approximately 6 hours per book.  Due to order volume these are not usually sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased.  Our current shipping time from order date to ship date is approximately 10-15 days (due to order volume).  If you need the book for testing purposes please place your order at least 3 weeks prior to the date you need the book.  We ship Priority US Mail with an adult signature required which is usually 2-4 days delivery once shipped.  We do not skip orders or place orders ahead of other orders.  You can order by faster methods (Over night, UPS, etc) but the ship date will not change.  All orders are completed and shipped in the order they are received, this is fair to everyone who places an order.

Please note the 10-15 days after order ship date varies on a daily basis with order volume.  It might be just one day or it might be 15 days.  We do not ever have these sitting on a shelf waiting to be purchased.  You cannot just stop by the office and pick one up.  

We also NEVER jump orders.  You CANNOT pay us more money to get your order faster.  They are sent out in the order they arrive.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be sure that you are ordering the correct NEC for your exam.  If you are in doubt you can call your state and ask them what is allowed or you can email us at: and we will check for you if needed.


I tried to hi-lite my own code book using one of yours belonging to a friend...after 9 hours of steady work trying to follow your hi-liting I finally gave up (I was less than half way through the code book and decided to purchase yours.)

D.J. Thompson - WI

Exceptionally well done. Your tabbed and hi-lited NEC is the best I have ever seen and it was a great aid in passing my Ohio exams.

John Harper - OH

Every single answer on my PSI exam was already hi-lited in your book!! I took the NM PSI exam for Journey Electrician in January 2011 and would you believe that every single answer I had to look up was already hi-lited in your book...GREAT JOB!!

Jason Michaels - NM

I have tried other tabbed and hi-lited code books... yours is the best!! Very well designed tabs and hi-liting that is right to the point and on the money!

I bought this book at the beginning of 2017 in preparation to take over 16 state and city electrical exams.  Let me tell you, I took Dan's exam Prep class and between the class and this book I passed every single exam in 12 states and 6 cities (all but one the first time and that one the second time).  There is no way I could have done that without the class and the book.  He knows what he is high lighting and what the exams are asking.  GET THE BOOK - TAKE THE CLASS you will no regret either.

If you want to pass your test it is simple, Get this book.  I passed my Master Exam Test first time because of having this book.  

Jonathan Rivera - TX

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